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Published on February 24th, 2012 | by admin


Can I smoke e-cigarettes indoors?

With the introduction of the electronic cigarettes, many smokers found themselves wondering, ‘can I smoke e-cigarettes indoors?’ There are a number of reasons that makes it possible for the e cigarette to be smoked indoors. One of the reasons is the fact that electronic cigarettes are odorless. This makes it possible for smokers to smoke the electronic cigarette without inconveniencing anyone or breaking any laws. This includes smoking in indoors such as in the house or in an office. Hence, smokers are saved from having to excuse themselves to go smoking outside where they are prone to the elements such as rain and cold weather. Smoking the e cigarette is also possible indoors because being odorless, it means that it will not irritate anyone who is present when you are smoking. Another advantage of smoking the electronic cigarette is that one can smoke anywhere and at any time. This includes in the car, at the workplace and even in the bathroom at work.

The question, ‘can I smoke e-cigarettes indoors?’ is an affirmative because the electronic cigarette does not have any smell and hence it will not stink your breathe, hairs or clothes. There is no outward sign and hence nobody will ever know that you are smoking. Electronic cigarettes have created a revolution in smoking. With the e cigarette you do not have to worry about the location of your smoking because the electronic cigarette is your ultimate answer to the question, ‘can I smoke e-cigarettes indoors?’ Try the electronic cigarette and your smoking will never be the same again.

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