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Published on March 9th, 2012 | by admin


E-cigarettes and the smoking ban

When I decided to give up smoking, which I had wanted to do for many years, I approached it with much trepidation, as I had tried various methods before, all of which did not have the desired effect. But then a friend of mine advised me about using the e cigarette. At first I was wary of the e cigarette, as I didn’t know a lot about them. I wondered if they were just another fad. I asked my friend if I can smoke e cigarettes indoors. He assured me that although you inhale and exhale smoke, it does not leave a horrible smell like usual cigarettes. I was concerned whether I can smoke e cigarettes indoors at my friend’s houses. I again was assured this would not be a problem.

The e-cigarette UK is a great thing due to the relatively new legislation about smoking in public places. The e-cigarette is also a good option if you travel to work on public transport. You can also use the e-cigarette if you travel in a company vehicle, as it is also prohibited to smoke in these now too. The e-cigarette UK has been a revelation to smokers in England, as there are now so few places’ to smoke, and also a healthier option. And by using the e-cigarette, your clothes are not made to smell.

I was also advised by some friends that the e cigarette was widely available in the UK in large department stores, such as Debenhams or Boots. The e cigarette is also available from a large variety of online sites. These are very easy to find online. I just typed in ‘e cigarettes for sale’ and a plethora of options for buying these healthy versions of smoking.

Now I can’t relate to the old smoking version of me. I am a lot happier within myself and no longer feel ostracised due to my old habit. I no longer have to go outside in all weather conditions just to have a cigarette. An idea that now seems so idiotic to me. I am now a happy ex smoker, and I will never turn back to smoking cigarettes.

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